Sunday, July 10, 2011

DIY: Fullmoon/thank you favor

every time it rains, i'm reminded of cameron highland boh tea plantation... enjoying the fresh breeze while savoring warm buttery scones & sipping a cup of hot piping tea... bliss..

wanted to infuse a little creativity to thank friends who have showered gifts & love to lil' leah...
something hopefully the recipient will find refreshing to receive.

the customary fullmoon box with angkoo, curry chicken & glutinous rice, red eggs are nice but just wanted to do something a little different by incorporating my favorite comfort snacks to say thank you.

a chinese takeout box OR recycled takeout box filled with
 ~ scones + cream + a dollop of strawberry jam + butter
dress it up with a simple ribbon, doily with a handwritten thank you note

and another version... for those who have a sweet tooth...

a chinese takeout box filled with yummy miniature kinder chocolates
+ dress it up with a paper pom pom (tutorial here), doily with a handwritten thank you note

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