Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Leah's Sunshine 1st Birthday Party {Part 1}

i have a sweet spot for handmade birthday parties.
i grew up loving paper stationery & pretty things.
so i naturally gravitate making inexpensive decor from papers & ordinary craft materials.

most mommas would echo that first birthdays would hardly be remembered by your babe.
i don't know to what extent their memory bank can trace as far back, but heck, birthdays are an incredible excuse to CELEBRATE the people who mean the world to you!

here's a little SNEAK peak of the party.
where it all started...

the making of the invite

i wanted something personal, a theme that reflected how her life has been such a blessing to us.
her cheerful disposition never fails to brighten our day.
we've been singing, you are my sunshine, my only sunshine, u make me happy when skies are gray..
we sing it so often that the tune has stuck onto luke's head that he naturally sings it to his baby sister every now & then.

how to illustrate & combine them all the elements together?
the color YELLOW has been popping up in my head quite a bit of late.
immediately i thought of sunshine + lemons & i knew i definitely wanted to incorporate this into the party.
i tried not to get into an overdose of yellow so i paired it up with PINK (and must say they made a great pair :)

leah's handmade party hat
(tutorial will be shared soon)

little details goes a long way

 milk milk (personalized name tags)

 we often get lost in our conversations with one another that 
we normally forget to take photographs
so i prepared a small corner ie photobooth + fun props 
(more of this in Part 2)

 got this precious moment birthday figurine from hubby for my birthday many moons ago 
& thought it would double up as a good cake topper

leave sweet notes or words of wisdom for the birthday girl

oh... and ms little sunshine made her debut on leah's birthday 
to shower us with some HAPPY VIBES =)
commissioned this from Crumbs & she happily obliged!

Babylicious' Party in a Box - the sunshine package

if you love small details like these but lack time or passion to put it together,
would be just the thing for you :)
{launching in store soon}

ps: stay tuned for Part 2 of Leah's Sunshine Party...

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