Saturday, October 16, 2010

DIY Paper Pom Poms

i had a crazy fascination for paper tissues when it was first brought to our shores many moons ago.
i remember frolicking at the now defunct Paper Gallery at downtown Pasar Seni on saturdays where i'll get lost in the sea of papers and myriad of colors. i still have a collection of them... just waiting to be used ;)

photo via tomkatstudio

i've seen paper pom poms frequently used in weddings & kids parties.
thought it looked really nice to spice up any occasion but never really given much thought to it.

the past week has been a tad stressful and am feeling rather uninspired.
i figured i really needed to get my hands on a simple DIY to get the creative juices going again and of all things, the paper poms poms came to mind.

i personally don't like tutorials that are hard to understand.. those that you read over & over again and still don't quite make any sense out of it?!

so when i found this site, i was quite delighted that it seemed an easy-to-do DIY.
when attempting anything for the first time, i always try to look for recycled materials instead of using the "real" thing.. so if anything went wrong, i wouldn't have wasted anything.

so, to try this out, i used an MNG paper tissue i kept from years ago... (which came in a shoebox... thinking i may need it one fine day! and yes, which i did!).. and i must say i was rather impressed with the result.

the tutorial was fun & easy to do.
all u need are pieces of tissue papers + floral wire and you're on your way to creating a stunning decor piece for any party!

if you gave these a try, do drop me a note to let me know how it went!
trust you'll have loads of fun in the process =p

btw, you'll be glad to know that they sell them abroad for a pack of DIY set at USD$18 (RM60) for 3 big ones & 4 medium ones. so you are actually saving quite a bucket if you know how to do them yourselves... plus the satisfaction of having made them for scratch.

here is a sample of the mini pom pom which i did... instead of big ones hanging on the ceiling, 
this tiny one is fab for embellishing a gift.

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  1. Hi there Yvonne! I would love to try these tissue paper pompoms. Do you happen to know where I can get them for a reasonable price in Msia?


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