Friday, September 2, 2011

Splish Splash!

something red, something loud was in the plans for luke's 4th birthday celebration.
i had it all figured out a year ago but because it involved a bigger budget, we'd have to give it a go.
we're not throwing the whole idea away... just saving it on the shelf for his next birthday a year or two later.

all was not lost... good things go, better things come...
we were invited 2 weeks ago for an evening swim at my brother in law's neighborhood clubhouse. as i stepped into the entrance, it felt as though i was transported to a tropical resort somewhere. the laid back dark wood interior, lush swimming pool & lovely foliage got me into holiday mode.
the highlight of the venue was the kiddies pool feature.
instantly, i thought this would make a perfect place for luke's bday.

we couldn't afford to host a big bday party this year so simplicity was the key.
i reckon some light snacks of donuts & chips and LOADS of water (aka pool) would keep the kids happy!

it's been raining the entire week but the the weather was just perfect upon reaching the clubhouse. luke's prayer the whole week was not "God, please give us sunshine..." but his prayer began with, "God, thank you for good weather, thank you for no rain, thank you for blowing the rain clouds away". I believed God honored his childlike faith... we were blessed with brilliant weather!

i've never been busier especially now with the new baby in tow. i wished i had the time to extend proper invitations to more of his friends. because of the lack of time, i had to keep it simple and small. so it was just our family and two of his close pals.

i've been waiting for a good excuse to have a party theme based on a elephant illustration i saw on the web sometime ago. since this was a splashin party at the pool, i thought the jumbo would make the perfect mascot to set the tone for the party invite + deco.
i didn't get to use them but i just can't help having a party without the stationery so i created a set... for my own pleasure :p

i'm no artist/designer but my desire to replicate this mascot got the better of me. with a few clicks here & there & viola! the ele emerged. i decided on a color theme, came up with a simple party stationery design which i then printed for keepsake. yeah, i'm strange in that sense!

i would have loved to give everyone a DIY ice cream kit as favors. 
whipped this one up... will probably used it for the next party then ;)

 happy 4th birthday, luke!

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