Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The BIG adjustment... welcoming LEAH ALEXIS

oh... it sure is good to squeeze in some time in between feedings, diaper changing, cradling to blog!
the past month has been a whirlwind of events and even thought it's the 2nd time around, i'm still getting the hang of things..

the first few days were quite overwhelming.. as we started luke on his first day of school which happens to coincide with the birth of the baby... was doubtful if we made the right decision to send him to school then as he had to cope with both the prospect of welcoming the new baby into our lives as well as entering school... indeed quite a big adjustment for a little 4 year old...

with a newborn that needs my total attention, the lack of sleep, night feeds & cries, & prep talk every night & morning in preparation for school, i was beyond exhausted... don't know how i survived the first week but am glad that God is faithful.. being reminded that indeed His mercies are new every morning.

we're grateful despite several days of crying, he seems to be doing well now.. phew...
it's a good thing i was house-bound... otherwise i would have sent him to school and seeing him cry like that, i would have cried along with him!

our new bundle of joy, Leah is doing well... there were couple of times she cried for hours on end (could be due to colic) and it was totally nerve wrecking seeing her in pain/discomfort and being alone with her all day and following a routine day in day out, it was no fun... other than those episode or two, she's a sweet baby.

to keep my sanity after those hard times, i go to PINTEREST to destress!
i've never quite been addicted to any social medium but this you must check out! It's a virtual pinboard that lets you organize & share all the beautiful things you find on the web.

it really keeps me inspired & cultivates creativity... and that's also where i found this really cute How to Really Love Motherhood which i like to share with you.
you can go to the site below to view the clearer version, download & print this out.

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