Friday, November 16, 2012

Thank you, TEACHERS!

one of the prayers that i remembered earnestly praying for luke were for good, caring & dedicated teachers.
if u had a peek on the article i wrote in parenthood last august, it was on the birth of of leah which also coincided with luke entering preschool.

it was a transitional period for all of us but i think for our little 4 year old, entering school & welcoming another human into our family was a huge major adjustment for him.
he's been blessed with wonderful teachers both in school & in church.
fast forward 16 months later, both the mr & me are still very very grateful for this wonderful group of people who not only teaches but are instrumental in nurturing our little ones in their formative years.

i was exchanging ideas with luke on what we can give his teachers before the school closes for the year.
in his list of ideas were cupcakes, sweets, cookies, pen... (ok, not a bad try)
then i balanced out the idea with adding in some little stationery.
so here, we've put together...

Thank You Teacher IN A BOX

we selected 3 different colors (we were giving to 3 teachers), and with the items that we picked out, gave it a twist by simply wrapping it individually & putting them all in the ever versatile takeaway box.

each set contained:
a chalkboard (heart shaped/board/cloud) from square art
a colored post-it notes (dressed up with a coordinating colored patterned cardstock) + wooden peg
2 teabags wrapped in a plastic & stapled with scrap paper
mint (mentos) packed in a sweet-shaped container from ssf
a bookmark (upcycled from cotton on kid's clothing tag) embellished with strips of masking stickers

i had only 2 pcs of the sweet-shaped container so i made teacher audrey a personalized cup.
scribble with a sharpie pen onto a plain white cup & bake in the oven for 300C for 30 minutes.
the ink will then stay permanent on the cup. give it a gentle wash & it's good to be given away as a gift.

hats off to all you TEACHERS out there!
we appreciate you!

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