Friday, November 16, 2012


have been aching to visit hello deer again since i last recce-ed the place as a possible site for sunnyside's inaugural market some months back.
against all odds ie braving heavy rain, sleepy kids & a well-needed nap, it was all WORTH it!

the market theme for the weekend was The Playground... a fun filled shopping event.
aah... aptly so... truly my kinda playground.
as always, that cozy shop front never fail to give me that warm fuzzy feeling.
the setup was eye candy.

wondermilk had a decorate your own cupcake booth laden with all sorts of toppings & icing in bags with my favorite shades of pastels.
4 assorted colored mini cupcakes for the kids (& those young in heart) to decorate.
the young man manning the booth was friendly. our little mr was comfortable & began experimenting & decorating with much delight.

hard at work

the 4 cupcakes were packed nicely in a box. our little man was mighty proud of his effort.
all for only RM10!  aahh... not too bad a price i'm paying for some peace & quiet (it's a rare thing) while i browse & shop.

a pretty booth by the corner caught my eye with its fantastic hues of pretty handcrafted cotton summer wear for little girls.
bajou particularly got me giddy with excitement!
it was so wonderful to see beautiful work, pretty display & talented vendors!

photo via Bajou Studio
little missy must have been as thrilled as much as mommy.
she was up & about hugging displays & on whatever things her little fingers could reached out to :p
photo via Bajou Studio
we were fortunate we weren't greeted by killer stares... instead, the lovely vendor was so kind & inviting, it made us felt really welcome.

the mr was also one happy man, being finally being able to get his hands on a nice red dress shirt which i thought was a really good buy.
the kids were happy, the man was happy = ME very happy!

cupcakes + soda + pretty things ... my kinda perfect afternoon.
it reminded me of my own dream which sparked in my heart couple of years back which i'm still holding onto it :)... one day... one day...

went home inspired & all ready for the week ahead!
how was your weekend?
whether u were cozily in your pjs snuggled in between your bed & comforter on a rainy afternoon or taking a much needed break from household chores, hope you had a great one!

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