Friday, October 7, 2011

Parents to Parents: Parenthood Oct 2011

As a little girl, i grew up enjoying documenting the happenings in my daily life, mapping out & penning down my dreams & aspirations.
Diaries and journals were my best friends. And when technology came into play, i was introduced to blogging where i discovered apart from writing, u can plonk photos into your post.
i've been hooked since.

Growing up with rows upon rows of Enid Blyton in our shelves, my childhood ambitions included being a storybook author & journalist.
Well, i'm no where near the above two occupation but i did have a glimpse of it this October.

I had the opportunity to contribute an article in Parenthood recently.
I was on confinement, maternity leave... i treasure spending time with our newborn but being cooped up in the house alone for most part of the day, tending to a little cherub & often their inconsolable cries is no walk at the park... i had to find an outlet to destress and writing was the most therapeutic thing to do at that moment.

Naturally i wrote about the closest thing in my heart, my family.
The desire to have a second child right up to the birth & the roller coaster ride in between... the valuable lesson i've learned throughout the past year.

It's nice to be able to express myself through blogging but seeing it in print is a different experience altogether.
By contributing in the column, i hope to be able to encourage & connect with young mothers out there who may be experiencing a similar transition/season of change.

You can read more on the article in the October issue of Parenthood.
If you have any feedback or comments, do drop me a mail at or drop me a comment below.
Would love to hear from you.

ps: there's also another up & coming parenting publication where i contribute & share fun ideas/things to do with your kids.
am still waiting to get my hands on the latest copy at the newstand this weekend. can't wait! fill you in on the details soon... 


  1. oh wow congrats girl!!! i'll have to keep my eye for it!

  2. thanks yvonne for being an encouragement during the early days after leah's arrival ;p


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