Tuesday, October 23, 2012


when I buy handmade i try to do it with the intention of supporting people doing what they love, and knowing the stories behind the objects i fill my life with. 
there is nothing more valuable than products made with love and intention.
and it's an added bonus when i know a percentage of my money that goes into buying a product goes to benefit a worthy cause ~ such as throwing parties for orphans!  
now, how awesome is that!
...and that's just what *bisou* bonbon does...
more than an amazing line of all-natural bath & body care products
and also this week's Terrific Tuesday giveaway!

it all started when Shelby, the lovely maker behind *bisou* bonbon sold all her preloved clothes and accessories to raise money to throw a party for an orphanage. despite the amount being insufficient, she managed to throw a small party with contribution from friends and family. when that was done, she started looking for an alternative source to continue the effort. 

during that time, she was stationed in the operating theater a lot (during her surgical rotation) and her colleagues always suffer from chapped lips due to the cold temperature of the OR. 
she offered them lip balms that she had made on her own and to their dear surprise, it soothed and moisturized their lips immediately. they urged her to sell them but she didn't think anyone would buy them at that time. but soon she realized that she could sell the lip balms and take a percentage off the profits to continue raising money for charity.

shelby has always been a fan of beauty products and learning to make them herself has offered her a chance to concoct mixtures to hopefully remedy her skin plights. turns out she wasn't alone in the skin problem department! 

she shares, "it is the greatest feeling in the world when a customer tells me that i have helped them in a small aspect of their life i.e., their battle with mosquitoes, a rash that could never resolve with topical medications, an affordable body scrub.. no matter how little the problem may seem".

*bisou* bonbon started out with 3 products and now offer 17 products to date. 
since their last contribution (workbooks for an orang asli children's home), their next target is to throw another orphanage party once the funds are sufficient.

here's the fabulous news!
*bisou* bonbon is giving away not just one, but   
3 first aid salve to 3 lucky winners.

being in the natural bath and body care business has made Shelby fall in love with botanicals. she absolutely believes in the therapeutic abilities of flowers, herbs and plants. 
the first aid salve was created to help prevent further infection and to promote healing for minor cuts, burns, stings, rash, insect bites and eczematous patches. many mothers have shared that her first-aid salve works very well on their babies' nappy rash.


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It's that simple!

(this giveaway is open to Malaysian residents only)

Any entries received after 28th October will not be included.
Winners will be announced on 30th October. All the best!

Shelby recommends using the first aid salve with their soothing Hiver soap which is made of goat's milk, rolled oats and honey along with lavender and chamomile essential oils.

she's most excited about *bisou* bonbon's argan oil range: So Argan. argan oil, also known as liquid gold, was an age old moroccan secret that is now hailed as the new age skinsurance! it is packed with antioxidant, polyphenols and fatty acids and is said to work well for wrinkles and stretch marks. best used in its pure form, they''ve packed them in 15 ml and 50 ml amber bottles. safe for mothers, mothers-to-be and babies. work for dry skin and oily skin as well which makes it a very versatile oil. shelby is currently an argan oil convert and hope more can benefit from this lovely oil.

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