Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I Dream of....

1. a flea market selling all things baby, kids & mommies stuff
2. a place that has ample & easy parking
3. a venue that has enough space to manoeuvre baby strollers on the aisle while you shop
4. child-friendly play corners/area where moms can leave their toddlers to play while they shop
5. comfortable & cozy nursing room
6. vendors that are mostly made out of work or stay-at-home moms aka "mumpreneurs", who doesn't have a shop front but have incredible lovely stuff & passionate in what they have to offer
7. stuff sold which are not available commercially and affordably priced so moms would feel it's worth parting with their hard-earned money
8. coffee corner where moms can lounge & enjoy a cuppa in between shopping
9. attractive handmade goodie paper bags consisting of wonderful door gifts from various sponsors for all early birds
10. vendors who take pride in beautifying their booth & displaying their wares that makes such lovely eye-candy
11. a market that have mommies swooming from one booth to another in excitement and can't wait for the next one to come to town!

I bumped into a number of australian blogs lately and it's become one my favorite online haunts.
I think we do have the talents & resources to pull up something equally fantastic here in malaysia.
That's my dream for local mommies here... to be able to have the opportunity to shop in a relaxed, lovely market environment filled with loads of unique stash for your kids which you can't get from regular stores or local shopping malls.
Far from the expos which we malaysian are used too ie unpleasant looking exhibition halls, big chaotic crowds with little room to move.... *yikes*

If you are a vendor who sells interesting baby or kids stuff, do drop me a line.
If you're a mommy who shares the same sentiment with me and would love to see a fresh version of baby-kids-mommy flea market happening on our shores ie in KL, do drop me a note too!
Hopefully sometime soon... i'll be able to work towards this dream in becoming our reality.

The above photos by Mathilda's Market got my inspiration juices all revved up! Enjoy!

photos extracted from mathilda's market

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