Monday, April 4, 2016

Pool Floats

Now, you've probably seen images of adorable sprinkled colored donuts popping on your feeds these days. No, i'm not referring to the edible ones. I'm talking about the new craze in town - floating donuts. Say what? 

I've seen the watermelon, pink flamingo & hugely popular white swan.
Yes, i'm talking about pool floats!

photo via poolfloatsmy

I stumbled upon these giant cuties recently and better news, they are based here in kl.
And... there are up for rent!
Current rate is @ RM70/each for 3-days rental.
Apparently, you'd get a good rate if you rent for a longer period or more than one float.
The floats are also for sale.

photo via poolfloatsmy
So, if you're looking to going for a family weekend getaway, honeymoon, or hosting a pool party - the floats double up as splendid photo props too.

They get booked really quickly so if you're planning for the holidays & thinking of renting, i suggest you hurry :)

photo via poolfloatsmy

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