Friday, April 8, 2016

BUDS Oralcare Organics - Monstrously Good Stuff!

These colorful, fuzzy, wide-smile monsters with little toothbrushes in hand are here on a mission to revolutionize toothbrushing!
Getting little children started on a lifelong journey of good oral care has just gotten a whole lot easier, not to mention super FUN!

Ta-da! Introducing Buds Oralcare Organics.
Preservative-free, mild, safe yet effective & having NO nasties like sodium lauryl sulphate, artificial sweeteners & flavors.

I recently attended the launch at Mad About Coco, Publika & came home with a few tips on caring for childrens' teeth.

(1) With sippy cups, liquid stays in the mouth for a long time. Introduction to cup from sippy cup should not be delayed.

(2) In my opinion, to deprive kids of sugared treats = deprived childhood ;)
I like the way orthodontist, Dr Bernard Low puts it.
Limiting the frequency = limiting the total amount of sugar, would be more practical.
Eg, instead of a pack of m&m's throughout the day, a small bar of chocolate after lunch would be a better choice.

(3) Children below 2 yrs @ should use "flouride free" toothpaste
Children above 2 yrs @ should switch to flouride to fight against caries & gum disease

Light hearted & informative presentation by Dr Bernard Low

I'm not a die-hard label reader, but i think it's increasingly important to know what goes into the products we're using.
Buds Oralcare Organic is formulated with Xylitol + Flouride + Aloe Vera + Hydrated Silica.

What is xylitol?
natural sweetener derived from a plant

Is flouride a bad guy?
BUDS take a balanced view on the use of flouride toothpaste. Flouride is essential in strengthening hard tissues of the tooth. And safe when used in controlled dosage.

Aloe vera leaf juice & silica cleanses & soothes teething gums.

Popular local comedian Harith Iskandar & his family were invited to share their childrens' experiences
Buds' user Maryanne's testimonial -
The effects of chemo made her son develop multiple mouth ulcers. The various toothpaste she tried stung the ulcers & made brushing really difficult. Buds organic toothpastes were mild yet cleaned effectively. 

Attractive packaging helps sell to kids. No doubt, i too was smitten by the toofmonsters!
I am personally a sucker when it comes to packaging. I've toned down over the years but still think that folks who pay attention to packaging takes great pride in what they are offering.

pint-size samples. too cute!

The media pack came with a little activity book. I tell ya.. leah couldn't wait to get started on it! It was so brilliantly put together & well thought out. Includes a step-by-step guide to doodle your own Toofmonster, as well as crossword puzzle, story & a really cool toothbrushing chart which got leah diligently brushing since. I found it too be an immensely helpful tool in educating children & giving them a head start to good oral hygiene.

# special thanks to Jean of JeanLamPhotography
for all the beautiful shots above.

Buds Oralcare Organic range comes in 4 fruity flavors ~ 
Green Apple, Strawberry, Blackcurrant & Peppermint.
Luke tried the Blackcurrant & came out of the bathroom wide-eyed, "Mommy, it tastes like gummies! So cool!"

The price of Buds Oralcare Organics range are as follow:-
Oral Gel for Baby Teeth & Gums (0-1 years old) - 30ml @ RM29.90
Children's Tootpaste with Xylitol (1-3 years old) - 50ml @ RM32.90
Children's Tootpaste with Flouride (3-12 years old) - 50ml @ RM32.90

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