Monday, April 4, 2016

Happy Tummies @ Fluffed Cafe & Dessert Bar

As far as I could remember, my first introduction to waffles must have been A&W's.

A&W drive in was one of our family's favorite hang out place in the 80s.
I distinctly remember dad's green Ford, windows wind down, my sis & i bopping up & down in the vehicle, excitedly awaiting the waiter coming with a tray laden with a tall cold mug of root beer float and a plate of warm classic waffle, complete with butter & maple syrup. We were content!

Fast forward 3 decades later...
I was feeling a bit nostalgic when i finally visited FLUFFED CAFE & DESSERT BAR to give my own 2 kids & hubby a treat since it's the big boy's birthday.

pic via Fluffed Cafe
Nestled in a fairly old neighborhood, not far from where i grew up, sits Fluffed.
It's tucked in between ordinary shophouses and that appealed to me because it had this subtle quiet charm.

I have always had a thing for large windows that lets in generous amount of natural light. Fluffed had that - plus a panel of white washed brick wall.

I first noticed their beautiful, enticing photos on my instagram feed. I know sometimes photos play up the actual dish but i'm so thrilled to share that the first bite was all it took to win our hearts (and tastebuds)!

The waffle-ice cream joints that we've been to, we are served a nice waffle, topped with a dollop of ice cream., and perhaps one or two toppings. Fluffed takes waffles to a whole new level.

Their ice creams too are made with 100% natural ingredients.
We were recommended their newly launched Tau Fu Fa ice cream 
Creamy tofu & soymilk ice cream with ginger-infused gula Melaka syrup. 
A refreshing take from the traditional. Highly recommend this!

Tau Fu Fa ice cream {pic via Fluffed}
We also tried the Pooh Bear's Favourite @ RM18.
hokeypokey icecream + salted caramel + crushed honeycomb + fruits

The marriage of salted caramel & sweet honeycomb gave the waffle such a nice crunch.
I can imagine Pooh Bear giving two thumbs up along with his 2 feet up in the air for approval!
It was that good!

Pooh Bear's Favourite {pic via Fluffed Cafe}

I'm always drawn to business startup stories so I did a little interview with the man behind Fluffed to find out how this dessert place came to be. With a nutrition background, Charles worked in sales for 8 months but didn't find his passion there. He took to baking from home and started an online bakery under the name Charles Cakes & Confectionaries. After 3 years of baking, he decided to work as a barista to gain some experience. Last November, Fluffed Cafe & Dessert Bar was born. Today, they are still striving to make everything in the shop themselves to give patrons a taste & experience real, authentic homemade desserts.

We can't wait to visit again to try out their other fairytale inspired waffles eg Red Riding Hood, Alice in Wonderland & handcrafted ice creams. They serve cakes, macarons & coffee too!

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