Thursday, September 24, 2015

DIY PARTY SERIES: Chloe's Doc McStuffins Party by Yan & Jenly

It's quite rare that i come across fathers who play an active role in the planning and DIY of his child's birthday.
Most would think it's the mom's domain but for a refreshing change, I'm happy to introduce you to Yan who went beyond merely being paymaster for the party but together with his wife, Jenly was hands-on from the planning, DIY-ing, to the setting up of the party.

We welcome Yan to our second installment of Babylicious DIY Party Series.

(1) We are spoiled for choices when it comes to party themes. How did you ended up with this adorable Doc Mcstuffins theme?

Chloe loves the characters from the series. Bonus was that my sis-in-law already had the template for the theme. We just needed to figure out how to complete the look and tie it all together.

(2)  Are you a DIY kind of person? What items did you personally make?

I see a lot of personalized designed labels & printing which were done by you. Could you tell us briefly about the process?

I am an avid DIY-er. We customized the wordings, printed and cut most of the stickers and labels. With the amazing template available from my sis-in-law and from the internet, we started to put all available materials together and had the labels customized.
goodie bag favors made to resemble doctor medical bags
goodies in the bag. visiting the dr has never been this awesome!

kitkat "bandages"
can anyone refuse m&ms "medicine"?

customized labels

(3) With DIY parties, help from others are crucial.
What are the things that you outsourced/purchased or got others to do for you?

Our sis-in-law did a wonderful job putting together the design and template for us. She even printed out the backdrop, and had most of the stickers that were used in the decor & food labels sent all the way to us from Jakarta.
We ordered the main cake homemade by our Indonesian friend residing in Malaysia that came with a special design that matched the theme. We added a Doc Mcstuffin figurine for the finishing touch.

Our  former neighbor was so kind and thoughtful to make a set of customized cupcakes with Chloe's name on it.
Nini's Homemade Cupcakes

Food spread were ordered from our friends except for salads and fruits which were done from home.

(4) What are some of the things which you did yourself which saved you a considerable amount of $$$?

With DIY, we saved a great amount of money which went to the renting of the party venue. We wanted parents to enjoy mingling with friends & food while the kids occupy themselves with rounds of golfing fun.

(5) Anything that you would have done differently?

Any advice or tips for parents who would like to host a party at a particular venue outside the home?

If possible, try not to do too much. We spent a considerable amount of time preparing the sandwiches and fruits on the day itself that we ran out of time decorating the venue. We ended up having our guests helping out in the last minute decor.
DIY-ing may include some level of stress and can be tiring. It took us 5 nights of printing and cutting of labels/stickers (after Chloe went to bed) but we were pleased with the end result. Guests acknowledged the hard work that went to it and we hoped everyone had a good time.

Happy 4th Birthday Chloe!


Photography: Yan YL
Printables: Sis-in-law July @ Suryavi
Cupcakes: Nini's Homemade Cupcakes @ 012 9781327
Food: Yan YL and Restoran Surabaya @ Sunway
"Doctor" bag: Daiso
Venue: Mini Putt

ps: If you hosted a diy party and would love to be interviewed & share it here on Babylicious, do drop me an email on It'll be fun!
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