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DIY PARTY SERIES: Sophia's Woodlands Party by Vivienne

I'm delighted to finally reveal our very first DIY Real Parties to kick off the DIY Party Series on this blog! You know me, I get wobbly on my knees when i see a pretty party especially one with a homespun charm to it.
The idea sparked off from a desire to encourage both working & stay-home mommies (and daddies) to give a go at Do-It-Yourself parties.
It definitely involves some extent of research, perhaps several late nights hand-making party items, getting props ready, but i assure you the effort would be immensely rewarding.

I liken the process to childbirth (ha!)
After the chaos & the thought of all the hard work that went into the celebration, you kinda mentally mutter that it'll be your last! Very soon though, that thought would have gone into the non-core memory and you'd find yourself planning the next!
Whether it's a small do or one that calls for the whole clan, hosted at your own abode, a quaint cafe or even the local playground, birthdays are worth celebrating. And even more appreciated & remembered, when sweat & panda eyes were called for in the process.
To start the ball rolling, I'm pleased to introduced you to Vivienne, who recently hosted an amazing WOODLANDS themed party at her home for her lovely daughter Sophia.

(1) I know of many moms in modern day often balking at the idea of hosting a party at home.
From putting up the decor, organizing the food, all this while having to entertain guests, oh! and did i mention the CLEAN UP?!
What made you decide to host Sophia's 4th birthday party from home?

Venue outside home has restrictions and less flexibility in terms of time frame, the hassle of logistics eg transporting food plus setting up the venue would be overly time consuming. It's more intimate to have it at home especially with most guests being family members, and not a whole lot of children attendees. The home setting makes an ideal option & convenient for guests who are mothers with infants.

(2) The party theme would often be at the top of the "to do" list before you decide on anything else.
You chose an enchanting Woodland theme. With the myriad of themes available, what made you choose Woodlands? Tell us briefly about the process.

Frozen was top on Sophia's list. But I was overwhelmed with so many frozen parties featured that i lost the uniqueness and excitement for the theme. I dropped the idea and slowly moved on to her next favorite - fairy!! Woodlands fairy theme seemed appropriate for both genders! With much persuasion, Sophia was game for it too! Tutus and fairy wings - what's not to love?!

little fairies had to have wings & tutu skirts paired with headband & magical wand

(3) With home DIY parties, help from family members are crucial (unless you decide to forego your sanity) What form of help did you get/receive?

When hosting a party at home, family help is most appreciated! I'm blessed to have my mom who is a wonderful cook, who could manage catering to a crowd. My sister who is a talented baker has not only help me with cookies and cake, but also the decor setup & diy. Younger cousins also chipped in to help with many crafty work and moonlighted as kitchen helpers! 
We not only had a party that was diy-ed but one that saw the whole family coming together to make it a success!

(4) For one who enjoys crafting, what were the DIY items you made?

Backdrop using acrylic paint to draw the white branches. The burlap banner "Sophia is 4" was cut and free hand painted
Wooden number 4, diy distressed to match the woodlands theme.
Glitter foam alphabets and paper flowers & ferns were use to decorate the signage

The handmade woodlands masks were the most time consuming as every piece was cut by hand and assembled

Chalk board frames signages

Lace used for holding the desserts jelly spoon & butterfly paper puncher used for decorating food jars

Diy flower cake banner twigs and artificial flowers
diy pinata lantern

oh boy! free flow candies!
Besides balloon decor, paper lanterns were decorated with butterflies clip-ons
Do-It-Yourself craft station for kids
Food and decor for desserts table decorated with mini fairy figurines

(5) What help (services) you decided to hire which you wouldn't be able to do it yourself & you know would make a great addition to the celebration?

On hindsight, I would have outsourced the catering to reduce mom's hard work so that she could have more time to enjoy the party. With budget and sufficient children attending the party, a balloonist/clown helped liven up the event. I wanted a face painting artist but to save cost, I bought some face painting sets and had the kids and parents participate in their own face painting creation.
mom cooking for the whole party
(6) Any piece of advice for moms who would like to attempt a home DIY party?

Plan ahead as soon as you set on the theme. Pssst... physcho your child to stick with the chosen theme and allow them to input ideas and get them involved with the planning. That way, it saves the hassle in case he/she changes his/her mind at the last minute! Start buying relevant items you need for the party decor and making a to-do list. Don't be afraid to get assistance from friends/family to avoid being drowned by overwhelming ideas that simply can't be achieved by a one-man show.

Thank you Vivienne for sharing Sophia's lovely party with Babylicious' readers. 
Seeing family members come together, lending a hand & chipping in their talents for a loved one's celebration ~ that's what makes a party extra special isnt' it?  
I know i came away completely smitten & inspired and i trust our readers will too.
the lovely Sophia in her beautiful fairy attire. Happy 4th Birthday!
ps: If you hosted a diy party and would love to be interviewed & share it here on Babylicious, do drop me an email on babylicious.info@gmail.com. It'll be fun!

Photography: Vivienne
Cookies & Desserts: Cookie.my
Food: Vivienne's mom
Clown: Bryant Low @ 016 2633007


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