Monday, June 17, 2013

New Mommy Sunshine in a Box

this post was sponsored by Lilie Pillie. made entirely from 100% breathable cotton, giving baby the most comfort & ventilation. empowering active & modern mommies to breastfeed in style - wherever, whenever she wants.

i can still vividly recall the first few weeks upon our baby's arrival.
you think you're all ready to embrace motherhood & all but ha! was i in for a major surprise!
surviving on 2 - 3 hours of sleep daily (and i mean on good days), gulping down your meal before your baby cries for his next feed, & going through the motions of nursing, pumping & engorgement... what a different ball game!

meltdowns were definitely frequent.
not sure how i survived it but thankfully i did :p

it must be occasions when a friend dropped by with a hot pot of chicken soup, or the afternoon my sis packed some of my favorite indulgence eg chips, bottle of fresh juice etc. in a pretty brown paper bag.
the days ahead seemed long but small gestures like these injected some sunshine to my otherwise topsy turvy new-mommy-routine.

thus, this post is inspired by these lovely acts of kindness.
new mommies often receive well meaning hampers & gifts more often than not, for the new babe.
but i thought it would be nice to remember the mommy too. 

if you're looking of putting together a package of love & thoughtfulness, here are a list of practical must-have items that would make new mommies thank you for it!

Lilie Pillie nursing apron - i cannot stress how important this is. i wished i had knew about this wonderful invention much, much earlier. i recall the early days of nursing.. my social life was totally dipping "0" as going out would mean timing the erratic hours when baby needs to nurse, making sure the place i was heading to was baby friendly or at least had a decent nursing room. most nursing rooms shared space with toilets (i don't even want to go there).. this eventually led to me deciding it was just not worth the hassle & staying home would be the best bet. now, you know what will save you & your social life :D you can get the lilie pillie nursing apron here.

burt's bees hand salve - for the endless amount of washing/sterilizing one has to do (if you're washing breastpumps, milk bottles, you'll know what i mean)
emergency kit kat - for moments you need a quick timeout
a little pot of honey - paired wonderfully well with the lemon ginger teabags

lemon ginger teabags - help gets rid of wind
a CD playlist soothing music to calm the nerves when your baby cries incessantly & you have got no clue what to do

and a fun printable put into a store bought frame a little humor does keep one from going insane :p

a box of sunshine to remind new mommies that the long days will be over soon & you'll soon be relishing every moment with your new babe!

bonus! the new mommy sunshine printable set above is now available free to all babylicious readers. if you like to give a dose of sunshine to a new mom, drop me an email at

*i only review items i adore &  fits the aesthetic of this blog. if you have a brand/biz interested in working with Babylicious to bring your brand into the spotlight through creative partnership, I’d love to hear from you :)

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  1. That's a lovely gift for a new mum, wished I had one when I gave birth.


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