Monday, July 8, 2013

Pull off an Impromptu Mini Hi Tea for your kids!

This hi tea inspiration is brought to you by Bento with Yenn.

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hi teas were one of my favorite weekend luxuries when i was in high school. a few of us girlfriends would save our allowances so we could afford a saturday afternoon in a fancy hotel, feasting on sweet indulgences to our heart's content.

so i thought it would be fun to have a mini version of a hi tea for my own kids, and i'm here to share the details with you so that you can host one too for your kids & their friends!
it takes under 30 minutes to put this together.
the main idea is for all food servings & utensils/servingware to be in mini sizes :) kids love that!
and mommies can have uninterrupted girl talk while kids enjoy their very own version of high tea :)

miniature glass pitcher - a gift from someone now put into good use!
little play cups from ikea

grapes, cherry tomatoes, cereals put into individual cupcake containers

nothing beats a basket of chips/fries!

let’s get started.
this Mini Hi-Tea serves 4 little tummies.

what's in the menu?
you can have an assortment of the following, normally things which are already found in your fridge or pantry. 
savories - sandwiches, cocktail sausages, french fries/chips, cereals
desserts - cupcakes, cream puff, cookies, popcorn
vege/fruits - cherry tomatoes, grapes
drinks - sparkling ribena
glance through your kitchen or your kids play sets :)
cupcake containers
mini glass pitcher
mini glass bottles
mini plastic cups 
little buckets

the adorable sandwiches were cut out using food cutters & treats were embellished with decor picks from Bento with Yenn. i must admit i'm not familiar with bento tools but these were so easy to use. 
and for the kids, they normally get to experiment with playdough but imagine the excitement now that they get to cut on their own bread, ham & cheese.

you can't send your little guests home without some treats, can you?
instead of favor bags, i tried making this paper popsicle from crepe (inspired by ohhappyday) & love how it turned out. 
i cut out a shape of a popsicle using cardboard box, put on strips of crepe then i stuffed some little candies inside & sealed it off with the ice cream stick.

the little girl couldn't wait to get a "lick" out of the pretty popsicle!
wait till she finds out what hidden "treasures" are in there :p

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