Monday, June 10, 2013

Leah turns 2! {Part 2}

it rained the night before so the day started with a pretty morning with light cool breeze & warm sunshine! the perfect weather to celebrate our little lady's 2nd birthday!

the birthday cake: homemade red velvet by my cousin'  talented 11 yr old twins!

i woke up at 7am to grab ice & bread & headed over to my cousin's place a mere 5 mins away for some last min preparation eg spreading tuna & cheese for the sandwiches, deep frying the drummets & finishing touches while my cousin was busy "slaving" in the kitchen whipping up fresh donuts, cream puffs & brownies!

as promised, here are the shots of the setup & printables that were designed & put together based on leah's favorite words, phrases, & nursery rhymes :)

the dessert table setup which was later moved outdoors next to the pool
to-die-for brownies, mouthwatering mini donuts & melt in your mouth  cream puffs.
all homemade!

it was a small family celebration. we served breakfast & and if you like an idea of what the spread was like, here you go:

packed nasi lemak rendang & some nasi lemak biasa for the kids
fried drummets
hard boiled eggs in the theme color
vege sticks (carrot, celery, cucumber)
finger sandwiches (tuna, cheese)

mini donuts
cream puffs
melon balls

honey iced lemonade

incorporating leah's favorite words on the straw flags
+ fun labels for the bottled mineral water
mini kit kats & giant marshmallows
leah is a mean eating machine! i shouldn't be complaining because she eats well & is not fussy (i'm hoping that it'll stay that way). so aptly, her favorite phrases are "yummy" & "i want summore" :D
i incorporate this into the kit kat wrappers for a dash of fun.

i got a large packet of marshmallows & segregated them into different colors & packed them into plastic in packs of 4s and topped it with personalized name labels.

it's time for some splashing time at the pool!

no one's getting me outta here!

i loved it that i still had time for the party to really enjoy myself & just relaxed at the pool with the kids! 

after-pool sessions are always followed by hungry tummies. my cousin whipped up some cheezy homemade pizzas.

it was time to blow the candles! 

it's been an incredible year with leah, seeing her growing up. it's one of the sweetest ages, i think ;)
one one hand, i see our 2-year old all grown up. on the other, she really is still our baby

it's been a wonderful year, albeit the episode where she was in the hospital late last year for possible brochial infection.. other than that, the year's been good.

to even think that i had to think a 100x before i decided to try for baby #2.. the fear of having to start all over again, having someone dependent on you 24/7... oh, how silly.. if i had decided otherwise, i would never known this joy that leah has brought to our lives.

thank you God for loaning little leah to us, please grant us wisdom as we raise her up in Your ways.
thank you friends, for all your love, prayers & birthday wishes. 

special thanks to my cousin eunice & her family for opening up her home to us, for the generous hospitality & baked goodies!

if you like a piece of the fun party printable featured above, it's now available at the shop. for more info, drop me a note at to enquire on the PartyinaBox package :)

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