Thursday, June 6, 2013

Kids Shared Bedroom on a Budget

the kids has been sleeping with us since birth :p
it's about time they get their own bedroom.
the plan initially was each child gets their own room but somehow the 3rd room sort of became a store room filled with the kids toys, my craft "toys" & everything in between.

then, i also recalled sibling bonds well when they share the same room.
strangely enough, my sis & i were constantly fighting but i concur that part of the wonderful relationship we have now stems from our shared bedroom. ha!

the goal was to keep things minimal & clean.. hence most of the furniture were in white so i had more flexibility to play around with the textiles eg curtains & bedding.
toys that they often play with are kept in the room.
the curtain, clothes cabinet, & carpet, we had them all along.
just the basics with a little personal touch.

hence, our major purchase were the items below, all from ikea.

nothing fancy but the kids adore it!
leah keeps walking into the room saying "WOW",

while kor kor is diligently packing his bed, his toys, & decorating his space!

we had gotten a study table for them but due to my miscalculation, it was a wee bit too long to fit into the room. and guess who was next in line to inherit it??! ME!!! :D

the white table fitted perfectly into our master bedroom. it was the ideal width (200x60) & it was long enough to fit my computer, do my crafting projects, plus, still space left for luke to do his homework while i work!! 

such a pleasant surprise! i would definitely recommend this work table for mommies working from home!

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