Thursday, June 6, 2013

Leah turns 2! {Part 1}

it felt as though my creative juices were stored in the freezer. i had absolutely no theme sparked in me & leah's birthday was just 2 weeks away!

i didn't want to pick a theme out of the internet or pinterest.
i wanted something heartfelt, something personal..  something that would celebrate HER and the blessing she has been to our family since her arrival.

i began reflecting on how much she has grown in the past year.
her little milestones.. nursery rhymes that she has picked up... her expanding & absolutely adorable vocabulary (including some foreign language she learnt from her godsis, korean to be exact) :p
as soon as i began to see a theme emerging, i got excited.
gathered all these & translated them to create this party printable in my current favorite color combo of raspberry pink & ocean green.

i drew some simple artwork to put onto frames as display.

her milestones

she has grown very fond of her elephant plush toy from godma
which she hugs to nap so i incorporated that into the above 

leah's favorite youtube nursery rhyme at the moment

i try to make it a point to create party printables that still hold its worth long after the party.
in this case, i'll be keeping the name banner & the frames which will adorn her new bedroom :)

it's a small celebration with family, the adults enjoy a simple breakfast spread while the kids get to play at the pool at my cousin's home.
plus lots of homemade pastries that we can't get enough of :D

in every party that i host, the mission is simple.. to see both little ones & loved ones enjoy themselves, and not spend a fortune doing so :)

oh, in case you would like to know... part of the process of saving on party decor & display is once i have the color theme in mind, i'll rummage through what i already have in my magic closet & this is the stash i came up with. after that, i just need to make small purchases & let the party printable sprinkle its little magic :)

will share more photos of the actual day & setup after the celebration!

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