Monday, March 18, 2013


You don't need an excuse to have a tea party!
Bring out the crockery, get some store bought cakes, steal some kids play toys & voila!

I have a space with drawers & shelves of papers, little props, which i have collected over the years.
The little man calls it my magic closet :D
And YES! i certainly think it is.

There are days i just feel like having a party - not an over-the-top one with dancing shoes & disco lights but more like a cozy picnic at the backyard OR a tea party like this one i did a few months back when i needed some FUN and wanted the little ones to join in the hoopla.
Not one that takes a hundred days to plan but one that i could just pull off in an hour or two.

Here's a few essentials i keep in my magic closet that will give you that instant festive party feel & gets you rollin!
wooden utensils
paper straws
middy bags
papers - crepe/cardstock/tissue
paper/plastic cups

And that brings me to today's wonderful Babylicious Tuesday Giveaway sponsored by The Artsential!
And just as you were thinking some of the items featured above are hard to get over on this side of our shores, you are in for a real treat!
The Artsential is an online store which started a year back.
The lovely person behind it, Michelle Teo, a DIY & handmade card lover carries all things
lovely, charming & sweet in her store.
Things that make a gift pretty, a school project pretty, a party pretty - basically things that make her squeal when she discovers them.
ooh i can so identify with that!
Which for me, also means... No more exorbitant shipping fees & looking high & low for gems such as these!

You can click
here & here for a look at how i incorporated these lovelies into my parties.


A lucky winner will WIN:
1 Set of Wooden Utensils

1 Pack of Striped Straws

1 Pack of Middy Bags

in the colors of your choice*


(1) click "LIKE" on Babylicious facebook page (if you haven't done so)
(2) click "LIKE" on The Artsential facebook page
(3) post "i Love to PARTY with Babylicious & The Artsential" on your FB wall
(4) post "i Love to PARTY with Babylicious & The Artsential" on Babylicious' FB page

It's that simple!

(this giveaway is open to Malaysian residents only)

Winner would be chosen randomly.
Any entries received after 2nd April will not be included.
Winner will be announced on 4th April on Babylicious' FB page. All the best!

*if preferred color of straws & middy bags not available, an alternative will be recommended.

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