Monday, April 1, 2013

Brownie Lava Cake in Wannabe Mason Jar

You would all know by now i'm no where near being good cook neither would you hear me bake up a storm in the kitchen so i'll never post recipes on my blog.

But, this one's different.
When i found out what a dummy-proof, easy recipe it was, it beckoned me to share.

Since it was the school holidays, i took 2 days off from work to spend time with the kids.
There was nothing on the agenda. The aim was just to be with the kids, doing something together.
Not shopping, or being distracted by our phones or computer {wink}
It was all about being PRESENT & well, "hands-free".

My sister spent a day over at my place & we had the kids prepare this.
I had to consciously tell myself not to be overworked by the mess when 5 kids come together!
Oh well, mess can always be cleaned up :p

Here's what you'll need:
*1 pack of Betty Crocker Brownie Mix
*3 x Eggs
*"Wannabe Mason Jars" mason jars are hard to source at this side of our globe so we made do with whatever jars i had in my pantry. that's why the name.

Follow the instructions in the box to make the brownies.
Add an additional egg to make it 3 eggs instead of 2.
Mix it. Pour the mixture into individual jars.
Don't fill it all the way up, just half the jar will do.
Drop a little cube of caramel and/or chocolate
Put it into your oven for 1 minute 20 seconds.
A dollop of vanilla ice cream on top would be the icing on the cake!

The little missy was adamant that she had her own jar.
The evidence on her cheeks & lips would tell you it was lip-smackingly good :D

This makes a wonderful afternoon activity with your kids.
Oh! Accompany it with an adorable wooden spoon and it'll make a pretty thank you teacher gift or you can even include it in your menu for your next party!

What did you do over the holidays?
If you have any interesting activities to share, i'd love to hear it.
Here's to more "hands-free" days with our kids :)

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