Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Farewell in a Box

how do you find a present wonderful enough to sum up years of wonderful friendship?

a dear friend will be leaving for aussie land & i've been rummaging through my head just thinking of what would make a good gift.

more than a friend, she was...
my craft guru...
the one who always dreamed up of the most wonderful, exciting ideas..
helped me got my room painted in the loveliest shade of blue & sponged dabs of white to look as if they were cotton candy clouds.

my confidant...
sleepovers at her place always left me inspired as we talked about our dreams for the future & everything else under the stars..

my cafe kaki...
scones, cakes & tea sessions

a few rounds at the mall didn't get me anywhere close to a perfect gift..
it can't be fragile or too bulky that would make it impractical & cumbersome for her to bring along..
so i decided to pick up some craft & novelty items from a craft market & put them in a little takeaway box...
i'll call that my farewell in a box, & seal it off with a heartfelt handwritten note.
so happened the items picked fell into hues of black + white + red :)

my farewell in a box consists of:

a pocket sized black polkadot notepad
a heart shaped wooden chalkboard
brown alphabet cut-outs
purple magical ointment, ideal for healing wounds & soothes eczema

ps: her sis prepared a simple dinner at their place & i thought it was the most brilliant, original idea!

what dinner would make a great send off, you may think??
her sis packed a variety of banana leaf dishes from a local restaurants & had them served on homegrown banana leaves from her own garden!
i would want that for my farewell!  
... not that i'm going anywhere anytime soon :p

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