Monday, September 10, 2012

8 Sweet Years

we don't have the luxury of having extra eyes or hands at home to watch our kids so i can't actually recall the last time we went for a real date since the kids came along.
as far as i an remember, our 2 munchkins are always with us both whenever we're out on nights or weekends.
so it was a nice change when the mr decided to call on the godma for a favor to watch the kids for 2 extra hours so that we could go out for a nice, quiet dinner to celebrate our 8th anniversary.
that said, we had become so accustomed to having them around that when they are actually not with us, it feels strange... as though we've missed an arm or leg!

ok back to the date, dressing up without having to figure out if the top was suitable for nursing was kind of liberating.
then, as i was planning to step out of the house, i realized i was clutching onto the diaper bag/basket which i carry EVERYWHERE. it has become my must bring item as this amazing basket can hold the kids extra pair of clothing, leah's porridge, 2 water bottles, diapers, wet wipes, my purse, mobile & still have a little excess for whatever other stuff i need to bring along when i'm out.
this is the same basket i used for leah's shots when she was about 6m. talk about versatility!

i chuckled at the sight.. and reached out for my purse then realized i have not carried my handbag for AGES!
i took my handbag out from the closet, put in my purse & mobile & then felt really weird cos the entire bag had so much space left :D

before he proposed we go for dinner,  i've been wanting to make a card or at the least handwrite a message to the hubby.
inspired by eatdrinkchic's valentine project, i had wanted to attempt this since the kids would be us and it was a school night.
it so happened i had most of the things at hand so here's my version of it, in case if you'd like to give it a try on your next anniversary.

btw, i haven't finish writing off the letter and a romantic movie, champagne & candles weren't what exactly transpired.

in reality... we headed to setia city mall, had japanese & strolled around the mall, grab some yummy popcorns & donuts & held hands :D

it was an enjoyable, relaxing evening spent with the hubby, & later we even had time to finish off Avengers with Luke while Leah was fast asleep, found Hulk hilarious & gobbled the whole bag of popcorn.

a good friend sent us this lovely anniversary wish...

Marriage Anniversaries are fantastic opportunities to:
Thank God for giving you your other half, 
Reflect on how you fare in your Marriage Report Card
Appreciate precious moments together.

i supposed that's just what we did {wink}

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