Tuesday, November 1, 2011


 June 10th, 2011
our baby girl made her GRAND ENTRANCE into the world.
erm... not in the basket & out from daddy's arms tho ;p

where are the days going?

it's only been 4 months since i first laid eyes on this precious bundle of joy... and she had instantly snuggled right into our hearts!

with 2 kids... i can barely remember what life was before i had this precious babes...
when i slept 8 hours straight... went out the door with just my purse & keys... and a home - spick & span.

life was simple...

...as opposed to the present - interrupted shut eye of 6 hours a night (on good days), lugging a basket with a good kilo of clothes, diapers & the likes... and a home... with its roof still in place.

the bittersweet journey of motherhood...

there are moments when i'm frustrated with its challenges yet countless times, blessed with its joy...

BUT... i wouldn't have it any other way :)
LOVE you to BITS, babe!
photos by jean

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