Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Roaring Dino Party

the party monster has been acting up... as if it's protesting in unbelief once we've decided we won't be having a party for luke's birthday this year.

luke's been talking about staying in hotels for some time now.. enjoying the full blast of air condition, covered in fresh white sheets, watching tv, & splashing away in the pool, and kajang satay!
ok, so that's what we'll be doing!

so even though there isn't any party planned, i can't help but to put together a sort-of-like party inspiration board. it would helped me appease the party monster lurking within me :p
...and to share with you what i would have liked to do if we had one planned for the mister.

the invite which i designed which will be available in a set with Babylicious' PartyinaBox

i've never been a fan of dinosaurs but when you have a mini male in your household, things change..
the only thing i knew about dinosaurs before i had kids was T-Rex.
now, i can ramble triceratops, brontosaurus, tyrannosaurus, pterodactyl without batting an eyelid! 

for games... i'll get a big box, fill it up to the brim with sand & hide these glow in the dark rubber dinosaurs & have the kids dig for them.
got them at a steal from Cotton On Kids for just RM15! 
or if you have the budget, you could give a set out to each kid as party favors.
i got it for luke some months back & we did a pre-bedtime mini surprise.

adorable dino macarons from Crumbs

and of course, how i can resist not ordering a dozen of these as-delicious-as-it looks macarons!

now, just wondering those of u moms out there with boys... do you find yourself, like me, having to embrace the world of dinosaurs, tanks & soldiers, ben 10? anyone??

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