Monday, April 16, 2012

When life gives you lemons, make LEMONADE

been on a crazy ride since the year started & it has escalated within the last 2 months.
having to tend to sick kids one after another, work & family issues, coping with the little missy still waking up every 2 hours a night, and a whole list of other challenges.
i'm being stretched beyond my comfort zone.

someone once said, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.
times like these, i just long for some sense of normalcy in my day.

15 minutes of "me time" ie slump in my couch, sipping my hot mug of green tea, looking out to the vast sky from the window of my work room normally gives me a few moments of tranquility.

on several occasions, i find myself taking out my sketchbooks & thinking of things that inspire me.
i start writing & doodling sweet things on paper,  & then make a quick breakfast of sunny-side up & a cool glass of iced honey lemon, before i jumped back into the fray.
my form of instant perk-me-up to stave off a really horrible, terrible, no good day.
i relish this moments, even if it's only for mere few minutes.

last wednesday was a public holiday & all i wanted to do was to go out with the family, a lazy day out just for some cheap + good desserts.

i've been longing to go to ben's @ publika.
haven't had this luxury for some time now so just wanted to take a break, take in the sights & sounds.

totally lurve the white washed furniture, windows & yellow cheery walls (my next big project - get my work room painted in yellow)!

 family + good company (thanks for spending the afternoon with us, mich) + yummy desserts
i'm recharged & all ready for another week ahead.

 this little nugget never fails to make us smile
 .. no matter how hard the day had been

do you have a time out for yourself when things get crazy? what's your form of perk me up?
would love to hear your comments :)

love + sunshine + sunnyside-up

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