Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Dose of Marmalade

one of my favorite pastimes was and still is - cafe scouting.

my sis & i love hunting for good cafes around town & when we stumble upon one, we are delighted!
we've even dreamed once of renting a bungalow in ss2 and setting up our very own breakfast bar cum cafe coupled with cozy ambience, good simple food & beverages.

now that we're mommies, one other criteria we look for in a cafe is if it's child friendly so we can hang out along with the kids in tow.
i haven't found one which fits my bill so when we decided to head to publika to pay the new shopping mall a visit, i was beyond excited when i stumbled upon marmalade!

i've been to both their other outlets. it's known for their decadent cakes & being child friendly but i am totally EXCITED about this one.

it's not located exactly in the mall... you sort of have to walk out through the lawn & as we made our way towards it, my heart skipped a beat.. oohh.. i just knew this would be special.

 marmalade's shop front

 this is not a great picture but u get a glimpse of this corner

i couldn't wait to feast my eyes on the place... the first instance i stepped into the cafe, seems like the sky opens and a choir of angels begins to sing (ok i'm being a little overly dramatic here) but you know what i mean, it's not every day you find a gem like this...
a place which is visually fascinating and overall uplifting.

i've resorted to extracting two photos to use here via 
as my shots weren't up to par & it wouldn't do justice in showcasing marmalade in all its "glory"

 photo via

 photo via

the play of contrasting pallette of robin blue & mustard yellow
my mind is now overloaded with party ideas in this theme color!

wholesome food eg gourmet sandwiches, salads & nibbles

 a menu dedicated to the kiddies

little nook/play area (indoors) for the little ones

a play area (outdoors) for toddlers

oh! short commercial break: 
if you're ever in the lookout for a babysitter for your date nights,
michelle is THE person to look for! reliable & great with kids =)
{highly recommended}

dining al fresco is a great option on a cool day, plus 
you'll be able to watch the kids roam about while you linger for chit chat.

 the lawn

after lunch, we checked out the other shops.
as publika is still fairly new, a lot of units are still unoccupied but a few great stores which i'm bookmarking at my next visit (that & all on my next post).
Ben's General Food Store
Little Green Planet

i certainly had fun & my creative juices were all bubbling inside.

if you've stumbled upon other delightful kid friendly cafes in town, do share!
i'd LOVE to hear from you!


  1. Great recommendation! :) Love the concept and play area that you show on your blog! Btw, the indoor play area big? Carpeted or soft foam?

  2. Who is this Michelle anyway? A "babysitter" by profession?

  3. michelle is a dear friend of ours. she has a full time job as an auditor but she's really good with children. our kids love her!

  4. Is she willing to be a add-hoc "part time" babysitter during non-working hours?

    I am looking for one as my maid is leaving soon. In case I do need someone to look after my kids, at least I know who I can call for.

  5. yup as long as she's available on that day/time, she'll be able to help. do email me at & i'll pass you michelle's contact.


i'd love to hear from you :)


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