Monday, April 16, 2012

Fire trucks, helmet, hoses & more...

i think luke was 1+ when he started playing with fire trucks.
i reckon boys, at some point in their childhood, harbors the dream of being a fire fighter.
maybe it's the heroic element ie saving lives... makes them feel very much like their fav cartoon superheros?? 

not many of us would have the chance to see a firefighter in action.
luke's kindie once organized a fire station visit  & i was hoping he would have the chance to go.
 as things would have it, i stumbled upon ibu's forum one day & saw that they were organizing a firestation visit!
i couldn't have been more EXCITED!

saturday morning came and we were greeted by blue skies & cool breeze at the Hartamas Fire Station.
however the little mr was super shy. and when we coaxed him further to participate, he sat there like a grumpy old man & i thought, darn! wasted experience!
the little missy, on the other hand was her cheerful self & she seemed gamed on what was ahead.. with her legs kicking back & forth & all ;)

the session started with the fireman asking the kids, "what do you do if your back caught fire & there was no one else to help you?"
hmm... i didn't know the answer :p
they did a demo (cover your face with your hands, get down, kneel on the floor & roll on your back), volunteers were asked to come out & pretty soon the kids warmed up.

firefighters taking turns coming down the pole when emergency calls

we got to try out the uniforms

kiddos & their parents got to ride on a real fire truck! 
(by now, the little mr has warmed up & ready to take on the action)

the HIGHLIGHT of the day? the most awaited moment? The HOSE!
which is also the part you get to go all out & get SOAKED to the bone!
this is by far luke's favorite & i mean F.A.V.O.R.I.T.E!
we never actually allowed luke to play in the rain before so this was like THE TICKET of a lifetime!!
i'll leave the pictures to tell the rest of the story.

the little missy didn't miss out on the FUN!

thank you iBu for organizing this!

IBU is a non-profit organization in KL servicing the needs of young families with children 0-6yrs old. Membership includes lots of fabulous aspects... Equipment rental, chair and table for party hire, free library, free support groups, lots of playgroups, free well-baby clinic... Join IBU today and find an incredible support network.

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