Wednesday, January 18, 2012

When i Grow Up...

What will i be?

Drummer with a rock band?

A master chef?

lately, we've been seeing him entering the world of make believe.. becoming whomever he chooses.....

it's really fascinating watching kids play...
one moment, he's a heroic fire fighter..
the next minute, he dons a cloak/rag/fabric and swishes around as a superhero saving humans in distress.

when the little guy is bored playing multiple characters by himself, he convinces the mommy to take on the sword, holding fort and with that... it MUST be WITH some level of escalating drama. otherwise, it won't count.
(note: at 3 decades old, i'm rolling over sofas & hiding under tables... it's amazing how kids totally rearranges one's life!) 

on saner & most days.. he opens up restaurant and plays chef (this innate passion could have stemmed from mommy's "under-developed skill" in that particular dept). 
i like this better as i only need to sit back & assume the role of a hungry diner ;p

we don't have our own garden with a huge tree like what me & my siblings grew up with at our parents' home backyard... otherwise, i wouldn't have mind climbing trees with the boy
some of my fondest childhood memory was climbing up our mango tree pretending we had a treehouse hideaway up there.
and after that, it was over & down to our little fish pond where we would climb behind the rocks & pretend that there were hidden treasures in there.

there are certainly times i wished we owned a home with a big garden where our kids can freely roam about & take on their own adventure.

until then, fort and tanks, and bullets & bruises await me.

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