Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Little L's Milestone Chart

our little baby girl is growing up right before our eyes! and that, in speedy gonzales speed!
every single day we wake up to discover new things about our bubbly cherub...

the way she turns her body at a slight angle to push herself up to sit on her own...
that certain sound she makes aloud from her cot telling kor kor she's bored & wants his attention now...
aaahh... little things that simply amuses us.

it dawned on me one day i really didn't want to forget these little BUT important milestones, i remember coming across this idea via pinterest some time ago and i thought it would be the perfect way to chart & remember her stages of development.

all u need:
a photo of that particular age/month
compile a list of her "loves" or milestone for that particular duration (i use illustrator software)

print & display it in one of those inexpensive ikea frames or if you are intending to do it regularly, then a scrapbook would be a better bet :)

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