Monday, February 21, 2011

City Slickers meet Mother Nature

YEAH! my long-awaited camping trip had come to pass!!
my last camping trip was back in school days and we really wanted to make a trip as a family together with good friends... more so for luke & it had to be soon before baby #2 pops out!

code named "City Slickers meet Mother Nature", we were soon on our way to Jerangkang Waterfalls located in Pahang.

far from school camping days where we had to cook rice in bamboo shoots in open fire, dig deep holes for lavatory (this campsite had brick toilets located just a walk away)... these, i'd termed "luxury camping" ... especially the food part.

you'll definitely need a 4x4 to travel into the campsite. it took us about 30 - 40 mins and it seriously was one bumpy ride. baby had never moved so vigorously in the womb prior... i couldn't tell if it was joining us in excitement or plain pure protest but i figured it'll still be safely tucked in my womb.. just need to firmly hold onto my bump as our vehicle manouvered through the terrain.

as the boys set up tent, the ladies helped set up the "kitchen" while the kids geared up for adventure.

the perfect spot

our "smokehouse" kitchen where the adults cook...

while the juniors preferred the "old-style" kitchen

once everything was about done, we headed off to the stream for a good bath. 
at 5:00pm, the waters were chilly... far from the comfort of our warm water heaters back home... but we were loving it!
there was even a small corner where you could lay your head over & get a hair spa cum massage (totally foc) ;p

dinner was exquisite consisting of fried beehoon, mouthwatering bbq-ued chicken wings, tasty sausages & succulent lamb chops! and loads of snacks (junks) in between..

evening soon came & went & after dinner, we sat by at the rocks looking at the stars, sipping our hot cup of freshly boiled milo (ala 3in1) ;) you really don't see that many a stars back in the city... there, the sky was literally filled with sparkling stars!

it took me awhile to get use to sleeping on hard surface especially so with my 5-month old bump but as soon as the lil one fell asleep on his comfy air mattress (another ingenius camping luxury), i dozed off too.

breakfast the following day was very much like the works of a hotel breakfast where we had bread with a choice of hard boiled or half boiled eggs, butter & jam, sausages & again... lamb chops!

after the hearty meal, we were off to track the waterfalls.
luke was raring to go and together with his young friends, they were off climbing rocks & trails till we reach the falls some good 30 mins or so later.
thanks to the 6 flights of stairs to my house daily, trekking up the waterfalls with my bump wasn't as tiring as i expected it to be.
mommy, i'm all geared up!

we were so blessed for perfect weather... wished we could have stayed a night longer but it was better than not having made the trip.
till today, luke is still asking "when's our next trip?" hmmm... perhaps one more, just one more before the baby delivers {wink}

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