Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Baby's 1st Christmas

i can't seem to get a nice picture of our christmas tree with good lighting so sadly no pics to show :(
amidst the weeks of agonizing & frustrating morning sickness, it's surprising that i had the mood to set up the christmas tree this time round.
so i brought out the idea to the little one & he gamely agreed to help out!
it was really nice for a change cos at 3 yrs of age, it was so much fun to include him in!
(compared to the previous year when his curiosity to the tinsel & lights made us almost thought of barricading the tree)!
he was so excited to be part of decorating the christmas tree... hanging the glittering baubles, lights & star.

but my favorite ornament is the precious moment figurine hubby got for luke as he celebrated his 1st christmas with us back in 2007.
the little fella proudly hung it up on the tree and declared we'll have another baby in the house soon & he's now a "kor kor" (translated as older brother in chinese) =p

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