Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Ballerina Party

what does boys like? ask a 4 year old & his typical reply would be that of power rangers, ultraman ben10...
ask a sweet 4 year old girl... and the answer would most likely fall in between princess & ballerina.
for my niece's 4th birthday, a ballerina princess theme it was...

my sis & i agreed on having a pink + green colored theme party with all the elements of a ballerina cum princess ie tutus, tiaras...
from the tutu design invites to the tutu tailored favors for her little gal pals to bring home, even the mommies were getting excited... and we were thrilled to have the chance to have it hosted @ covershots.
it was the perfect space for a party of 40 good friends & their children ~ white studio with wooden flooring & an outdoor area overlooking the waterfront - perfect for an outdoor party should you choose to do so.

a. invite tutorial - the original idea was for a cupcake topper but i used it as a key design for the invite & whatever excess i made out of the materials, i used it as toppers or as place cards for the food.

b. birthday banner - instead of doing a "happy birthday" banner, thought it'll make more practical sense to do one using the birthday girl's name so it could be recycled to be hung in her room long after the party is over.

c. favor - each girl were given an adorable set of tailored tutu + tiara + wand each hung on a hanger with their individuals names tagged to it . they were given the chance to experience a trial ballet session on the spot. they were told beforehand to come with leggings though ;)

my sis' bestie introduced & lead the girls with a simple few routines. she made a brilliant ballet instructor!

but before that,  some light makeup for the girls for the finishing touch...

d. activities - polaroid station - candid shots were taken of each child and they later got their hands busy personalizing & decorating their own photo frame which was made from cut out foams.

e. f&b - homemade mini chicken croissants, baked buffalo chicken wings, fruits in choc fondue were among the highlights. food were presented on cutlery of varying heights, placed on a big white wooden table, to give a little visual appeal to the buffet line & to tempt guests ;)

as for the boys, well... i like to think they had their fair share of fun... even though i can't quite figure out what luke was trying to do to ryan here...

happy "tutu" birthday danielle! 
hope u had jolly loads of fun!

venue by covershots
photography by michelle hoe
stills by yours truly


  1. What a lovely and ultra sweet birthday theme for girls! I love it, and all the details are simply beautiful!

    But what do boys do or play with while the girls having ballet fun? (^_^)

    Definitely a keeper for ideas if I'm hosting a party for my baby girl in future!

  2. thanks vivienne..

    the boys.. well, they were only 2 of them.. they were given a toy (sort of like a helicopter gadget) which u see vendors selling on the streets nowadays - which they played outdoors.

    we later gave them a chance to choose their fav song on the player and they had their share of fun dancing to the music together with the girls.

    they also decorated their mini photo frames so i wouldn't say they felt left out ;)


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