Thursday, November 25, 2010

Play, Explore & Messing Around

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besides being my creative outlet for me to rant & share ideas, i never thought there were other perks of being a blogger.. not until recently when i was invited to the "Power of Play with Kleenex" Family Day.

the invitation came through my email inviting parent bloggers to join in a fun filled afternoon of exciting, wholesome play activities and games together.
the thought of having the family invited was a plus point and the drawing factor was certainly the location of which the event took place - KizSports & Gym @ 1U!
nevermind the event was being held right smack during luke's nap time, i was certain he would be awake throughout... c'mon it' was the gym.. i bet he wouldn't keep his eyes closed even for a second... the fun, the tumbles, the thrill!... and we were so right! he was drenched in sweat & play and i supposed napping was the last thing he had in mind ;)

the kids were taken to another room for a session of tumbles, crawls, & jumps while parents listened to short talks and were introduced to a brand new product in the market - the Kleenex's Hand Sanitizing Moist Wipes that effectively kills 99.9% of germs which include H1N1 flu viruses and is naturally nourishing & moisturizing (enriched with shea butter, natural aloe vera & vitamin E) on the skin and safe for use on babies & children.

one of the essentials which we carry with us everywhere ever since we became parents are wet wipes.
just can't do without them... besides using it to wipe their hands & parts of their sweaty body, we use them when we change our babies' diapers, wipe hi chairs when we dine outdoors, wipe off food stains etc... it really is indispensable.

we have no qualms of luke getting dirty in the outdoors.. after all that's what boys do! :p
in fact we encourage him to explore the outdoors & do fun things eg finger painting which definitely involves a fair amount of mess most of the time. so this moist wipes certainly comes in handy!

erm... luke getting carried away with the wipes... wiping off every speck of paint AND dust he could find on the floor!
photo by Oriental Daily

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