Thursday, November 25, 2010

Brown paper packages tied up with strings...

... one of my all-time favorite line from the song, My Favorite Things from the movie, The Sound of Music...
well.. this isn't exactly a brown package tied up with strings but without a doubt... a package filled with oodles of love & thoughts!

amidst the frustrating & draining morning sickness (ahem to be more exact... morning, afternoon, evening, night sickness) the last 2 weeks (which felt like 2 months!), hubby brought back this lovely package from my sis one blue night.

contents in the brown paper bag:
a pack of Lay's potato chips
a tube of sour cream chips
a bottle of kampai non alcoholic lemon sparkling juice
a tube of fruit flavored gummies (no coloring & preservatives) - by the time i had the energy to take a pic, it was 3/4 gone =p
.... plus a lovely handwritten note to remind me to "hang in there... that this will all soon pass..."

all "feel-good" stuff for a pukey mom!
the contents of course didn't last very long... but the kind thought & lovely gesture would be something i'll remember fondly for a LONG, LONG time..

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