Thursday, November 25, 2010


the past year marks many milestones for lil' luke.
from being weaned off from breastfeeding, to sleeping through the night (which is a total breakthrough!), to being toilet trained, finishing his meal by himself... accomplishments like these marks the beginning of his independence which then translates to mommy & daddy having more free time at hand.

i was told your baby's first 2 years can be difficult but after that, things get much easier and i'm glad to say it did. throughout the course of the year, i've been able to pursue my hobbies again like crafting, enrolling for dance classes, and going out a little bit later without having to worry i have to be back in time for his next milk feed!!

just as we were basking in newfound freedom & getting into our comfort zone, we decided it's time to grow the family... and you kinda get the hint it's about time when your lil one keeps saying, "... but nobody play with me wor..)

have i forgotten the intense & traumatic birth experience/operation?... the state of being sleep-deprived for 26 months because baby wakes up every 2 hours throughout the night?
(i have tried almost every conceivable method to get him to sleep through the night.. at one point, i almost resorted to bringing him to see a sleep therapist!)
And, those days when you've fallen ill... you can hardly get out of bed but baby still needs your attention & milk?!

then of course, there's the ever looming thought about finances, we work hard but would we have enough to provide for them, to give them the best we can?
the cost of gynae visits, the delivery, confinement, to basic necessities eg diapers, milk etc and not forgetting the cost of good education.
... and with inflation and the rise in the cost of living, things sometimes can look bleak.

... plus, the lifetime commitment & sacrifice which never ends until you say your final goodbye...

so, what were we THINKING??
what makes a person trade his/her carefree sling bags for diaper bags? 
comfy blissful nights for panda eyes?
evenings of live jazz music for opera wails & cries?

despite the long list of hodrum above...
the thrill when he takes his first steps,
the delight when he utters his first "I Love You" and gives you a big HUG,
the pride when you see him doing a kind deed for someone,
the excitement of seeing them grow up day by day, their giggles, antics & chatters etc...
... rewards we reap as parents which no amount of money can buy.

what about the issue on finances? 
we hold onto God's wonderful promises... that indeed the God who watches over them right from the beginning when they are woven together in the womb to the day they come into the world, He has them in the palm of His hands!

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. - Jeremiah 29.11

Children are a heritage from the Lord - Psalm 127:3

we're glad to welcome our new little babe... still nestling cozy in the womb... we thank God for another precious gift from above =)


  1. I guessed as much from your earlier FB updates! Congrats! So many preggy mama this year :D


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