Wednesday, December 15, 2010

DIY Christmas Gift: Cowgirl Cookies

christmas is just round the corner... carols are already playing on my iTunes, tinsels & lights are beginning to be displayed all over malls in town, & shoppers are looking for good gift bargains.

i chanced upon a brilliant gift idea when i was browsing tru party ideas online several weeks ago -
Cowgirl Cookies by bakerella.
well, it isn't just another regular recipe for cookies but i thought it was an ingenious packaging idea.
you see.. i think pre mixes make good practical gifts... most of my friends who are moms of young kids enjoy baking and the simpler the recipe is, the better.... of course the element of taste is not compromised.

so when i saw this, i thought wow... perfect!

image extracted from bakerella

they even provided a simple step-by-step instruction but if you are thinking of doing quite a number of jars and prefer to keep it even simpler, you can opt for this instead (which i'm intending to do so myself).

you'll need:
- a clear jar
- a pack of pre mix - got mine from guten braun, sea park... still the best pre mix i have tried so far
- a cookie cutter (optional: u may like to include this as part of the gift)
- a strand of ribbon/postal string
- a piece of remnant fabric big enough to cover the diameter of the cover of the jar.
- a card to include step by step instructions for the cookie recipe (the recipe was just to add 250gm butter 
& choc chips of your desired quantity)

have fun!

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