Saturday, October 2, 2010

small PEOPLE, BIG dreams...

i have a list of my favorite blogs that i visit daily for inspirations and it just dawned on me they all share one thing in common. i'm not drawn to these blogs merely because of its artistic creativity but because:

~ they are genuine, real, honest people who write about their passions & works from their hearts..
~ simple everyday people who lead ordinary lives, who has BIG dreams but doesn't paint a picture perfect persona...
~ people who strives to see the good things in life when things are not so rosy and sunshine.

my hope today for babylicious' blog is no different.
babylicious started off as a blogshop offering beautiful infant & kids wear & delightful gift packaging to go along with it. i have had incredible fun doing this.

as it went along, i developed a love for penning and sharing my dreams, ideas and thoughts and it soon became an outlet for me to fan my creativity.

so you'll probably would have realized by now the blogshop has been stagnant for some time now.
i'm not going to entirely close the blogshop but rather than getting in generic stuffs to sell, i have dreams of making my own stuff... ie cute little kids' canvases which you could make using

felt iron-on's...

(which i would definitely include a DIY but if you don't have the time to do so, you can just opt to buy it off my shelf =p) and also one-off things that are hard to come by which i would like to share with you...

and of course, future postings would include:
~ more DIYs; easy-to-do ones i promise (because moms just don't have the time & energy to run tru difficult DIY tutorials),
~ more PARTY IDEAS (inexpensive practical ideas that would equally be as much fun),
and to malaysian moms & readers... to hopefully provide you with
~ more LOCAL CONTENT ie one of my biggest challenge now is to find pretty party tools & wares which are affordable which we can get locally so that YOU can incorporate them into your kids parties.

american & australian kids publications/websites/blogs have fabulous content, amazing sources and incredible photography that makes you go goo goo gaga every time you view their pages.
but how often can you find those items here on our shores?
tools that may be inexpensive abroad are unfortunately items you can't easily obtained here and even if you did, it would be in some specialty store which inadvertently cost you a bomb... take for example these

little ducky baking cups from Wilton which costs me RM10... 

... but they came in such a cute color combo i had to get it... who knows perhaps i could bake some nice choc chip cupcakes and placed them in these adorable liners for a special friend's baby shower ;)

ok ok.. back to where i was... basically, i like this blog to feature more local content, a sources' guide to where you can get things here, inspiring ideas and periodically, my personal discoveries and experiences as i take on life in my many roles.

so to start the ball rolling, if there are any particular topics or ideas you would like to see featured, do drop me a comment below or write to me at

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