Saturday, October 2, 2010

from THIS to THAT

it's been eons since i last gotten my hands into making a handmade card..
it was one of my fondest hobbies while schooling... and with time, busyness, and the evolution to e-cards, this hobby of mind has been left on the shelf...

until recently when i experienced again the joy of receiving a

handmade card from a friend 

and from another, a box of sweet "confection-ery",

i told myself i MUST reignite my first love for card-making.

after leaving it for soooo long, one's skills does tend to get a little rusty so with some fancy card stocks, strands of ribbons & the box of confection-ery , i started off with something simple...

i had no idea how to start... what shape or size i had in mind... so i started mismatching whatever i had on my work table, snipping a little here, cutting a little there... and began to think of whom i could give these to...

very soon... it started to take form and i recalled the EXCITEMENT i use to have every single time i use to do up a card..

so ta da! i proudly bring to you my 1st attempt after all these years!
yup, it was nothing difficult... even a 7 year old could pull it off... but it sure feels good to fiddle my hands into it again..

from THIS...

to THAT...

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