Thursday, September 30, 2010

i have a SECRET to keep...

my sis recently shared with me a really GREAT themed party idea that would rock any small boys' socks off!
in fact, even as a full grown adult, i would be thrilled!
but she was a week late. she shared this fantastic idea a week AFTER luke's 3rd birthday.
i have no choice but to wait for his 4th birthday to pull this off.

but.. but how am i ever going to keep it a secret for an entire year! i can't contain it! Aarghh...
hmmm.. ok ok maybe i'll let you in on a few hints... think RED, think LOUD..

nope... it's not elmo....

nope, neither is it a happening clown entertainer... it's just WAY cooler than that!
plus... it's EDUCATIONAL! how bout that? =p

well, if you really are dying to know.. meet me back at this space in about say... 350 days later ;)
i promise you loads of prep stuff & pics (well, it better be good right cos i have one whole year to prepare!) *wink*

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