Monday, October 25, 2010

Kid in a Candy Store

tell me, which kid doesn't get blown away when they step foot into a candy store?
i'm no candy/sweet fanatic myself but i do adore the fancy wrapping, swirls of colors and the sweet aroma of sugar coated confectioneries!

the sweet boss came back with these lovely "treats" - souvenir from her recent trip to bali and my i thought, these cute lovely looking candies were simply divine.. take a closer look and you'll see that there are in fact soaps.. mini organic soaps wrapped as though they were edible sweets!

photos via

i googled the brand of the soap KOU to read more about it and was pleasantly thrilled by the quaint cozy shop front, window display as well as the offerings of jams aside from soaps.
unfortunately their website is still under construction but here are few photos i extracted from the internet to whet your appetite.

coming back to the packaging of this soaps, it gave me yet another idea to dress up small inexpensive party favors/gifts by simply wrapping them like sweets. all you need is PAPER & more paper (ie 1 plain & 1 patterned)
the content beneath the wrapping should be of course no less wonderful but having little treats wrapped as thought there are candies are a highlight themselves!

now... i just need to get over these adorable delectable "sweets" and focus on the content - the soap! Mmmm...

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