Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Our baby turns 3!

i can still vividly recall bringing our newborn home from the hospital.. snuggled tightly, holding this fragile bundle of joy in my arms... and in the months thereafter...the host of emotions... the steep learning curve as a first time parent, the nursing in the wee hours of the night, the first steps, his first words, his funny antics, and not forgetting the extreme exhaustion from the lack of sleep for the first 20 plus months!

i look back and i think, by God's grace, we've come a long way.
our little baby is now 3!

the past weeks has been a plethora of non stop work, events & activities...
a while ago, i blogged about not being able to decide between hosting a little picnic party at the park or calling a few of his buddies for a play gym session.
my sane mind would have opted for something which required less work & preparation as it has been a long and stressful month for me but looked like insanity kicked in and a party at the park @ 9am was decided!

our weather this side of the globe can be pretty unpredictable. instead of stressing about the weather condition, i just decided if it showers in the morning, so be it... we'll just have it indoors, at our home ;)

at 5:30 in the morning, i heard droplets of water hitting on the window pane.. oops! ok we'll just go with plan B then... my eyes were hardly opened at this hour... and here i was at the kitchen boiling hard boiled eggs to make sandwiches, cooking cocktail sausages, cutting the sandwiches into duck shapes, arranging the furniture, organizing the favors etc. Thank goodness for godma who contributed the pasta and gravy for the sausages...

lil' favors with crayon scribbled names and the mini jPops!

at 9:00am, everything was prepared and we were just waiting for our little guests to arrive... there was still a light drizzle but the weather was cool and there was a little hint of sunshine. we just couldn't afford to let this go, could we?? so there we were again... found ourselves carrying the whole works down 3 flights of stairs, down to our backyard playground under the wooden gazebo.

with my dear cousin & aunt and my poofed face... and here my mr happily 
playing along in the whole whirlwind madness

am glad we did just that cos the kids utterly enjoyed themselves at the park.. and hopefully the adults too ;) there weren't balloons or clowns to entertain the little ones but you could see from their faces they were having a ball of a time, just by being close to nature... of course, having unlimited free rides in a roller coaster wagon sure contributes to the fun!

After the flurry of activities, cleaning up, opening the pressies, the birthday boy fast asleep... the mr & i wondered if luke enjoyed himself... well.. he woke up and gave mommy a big hug and said, "thank you mommy for the party, thank you for calling my friends, thank you for the park".... i haven't been this poofed for some time now... i felt like i just finished a marathon and badly in need of a foot spa + body + head massage + a good slumber but after hearing those few little sentences that came straight from his heart... it guess it was all worth it!

an alternative to a conventional birthday cake, we got 3 boxes of jCo mini donuts, stuck with a 
combo of animal sticks + 24 candles for the all the kids to blow...

My only greatest regret... i was way too tired to take shots of the little stuffs that made up the party and a group photo but thankfully we got one or 2 decent pics to remember the occasion ;)


  1. I know how you feel, I've been organizing birthday parties for both Julian and Ashley since it's the only thing I can afford to do. I remembered Ashley's first birthday party I didn't sleep for 2 days trying to get everything done, from the food preparation to the party decoration. I was so exhausted I could barely stand but seeing the happy look on Ashley's face just made everything all worthwhile. :)

    So kudos to you for having such a great birthday party!

  2. thanks alesia ;) sometimes i think we mothers are a mad bunch! ;p


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