Thursday, September 23, 2010

A sweet HELLO from the MAILBOX

more often than not, my mailbox greets me with nothing more than bills and bank statements... so u can imagine my utter EXCITEMENT when i received a message from a friend (whom i had the privilege to know but have never met) that something awaits me in my mailbox. it has yet to arrive but am eagerly anticipating it!

there's something about receiving a personal letter or card via snail mail.
it makes my heart skip a beat... it gives my day a fresh sunny start... it tells me that someone took the extra effort to send you a special greeting...

this got me rummaging through my treasure chest of cards - both store-bought and handmade ones i received over the years - some for special occasions and some for no special reasons at all ;).. all of which contained lovely personal messages from dear friends and loved ones...

back in school days, giving cards were quite the norm and we never really tire of it. perhaps with our allowances then, we could only afford simple gifts but a handwritten card would have simply made my day! i've never discarded any one of them as each holds a special memory, which explains my need of a bigger treasure box to store all of them =)

so my resolution for the coming year.. to take that wee bit of extra effort to send someone a card BY MAIL on their special day!


  1. I don't mind to be the "guinea pig" for you to practice sending card BY MAIL :D

  2. marlene ur definitely in my LIST! thanks for the lovely surprise! Wished i could just go over & give you a BIG BEAR HUG!


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