Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Picnic-ing in a quaint French countryside... shady trees, lovely afternoon, cool breeze, warm chatter, homemade snacks, cool summer treats.... (courtesy of dollops of enid blyton storybooks and travel & living programs on tv ;)

well, finding myself at a French countryside is well, many dreams away... so a picnic at our local park is the next best thing!

so there we were... made last minute plans with the family to Kiara Park.

grateful for clear blue skies... good weather... fresh air... nature... monkeys... ;)

as you would know by now... i am a true believer that a little goes a long way... in this case, simple efforts that would make even an ordinary picnic look delightful. some may think it's not worth the trouble but i find delight in pretty things. so here are some ideas.

beverages chilled in individual enamel buckets with ice (buckets from daiso)

Wrap hot dogs individually in parchment paper to give it that extra diner touch. because it was such a last minute plan, i couldn't get my hands on jumbo sausages and parchment paper but hope you get the idea ;) bought heinz sweet relish & honey mustard @ carrefour but u can easily find them at any grocer. sure makes your hotdog absolutely yummy (even if it doesn't look that way here in the picture. lol!)

what's a malaysian picnic without packs of nasi lemak wrapped in banana leaf?
arrange them randomly in a nice basket (purchased @ ssf)

Wooden cutlery (daiso) wrapped with pretty paper napkins (mydin) & knot it with a twine

There's a 101 things you could still do to spice up your setting, give it a little rustic feel... wooden crates, lantern & candles (if it's an evening do), a vintage table cloth...

... and some fresh flowers to prep up the picnic table {wink}

Hope you'll be inspired with some of this ideas and have a go at it at your next picnic.
The school holidays is just round the corner. Time to get your picnic basket out, pack some goodies and head off to the park! 

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