Friday, August 27, 2010

Thanks for the ADVENTURE. Happy 6th Anniversary!

it was an ordinary morning... i woke up with an idea to do something a little different for our coming wedding anniversary. instead of a spending an evening over nice dinner, i had this crazy idea up my sleeve.

i'm not one who likes to be on camera but i love having pictures taken with the family, my colleagues, buddies... it helps me to remember happy days, happy moments long after they've passed.

i was drawn to this gown the moment it arrived at the studio early this year. i could never have an excuse to wear the gown .... it just never dawn on me but i just realized i could just wear it for fun and get my hubby to play along with our young mr and do some fun shots to commemorate our anniversary!
it'll be funny too to see how i can try fitting into one after a pregnancy ;) and it's high time we got our family pics done.

there was a slot available the following day and i took it {thanks boss!}.. with less than 24 hrs to prepare. ;p
i didn't even have a proper heels to match the gown so i just wore my regular pair. lol!

...and i wasn't sure i could fit into the gown! ...a few tucks & pull here & there... {phew} thankfully it fitted!

had a few simple ideas for props...
i was inspired by the movie UP, esp ellie & carl's love story... hence the balloons.

picked out 5 the morning before heading to the studio.
yellow, hot pink, & orange ...bright cheerful colors that makes me all smiles =)
if i had extra cash, i would have surely bought a whole bundle but helium balloons costs!

i was looking for a portable blackboard but couldn't find any so i wrote fun messages with crayons on black cardstocks instead.

the lil' master was game for it and it certainly showed when he was rewarded by the che che's!

the session got crazy when the "family" aka crew aka buddies came into the picture.
they made the whole session so entertaining i soon forgot about the awkwardness of having the camera in front of me ;)

so back to the words of ellie...
thanks darling for the adventure! happy 6th anniversary!

heartfelt thanks to everyone @ covershots for a fantastic afternoon!

ps: the photos were unedited. forgot how to use photoshop.. a little rusty... so pls bear with it till i have extra time on hand to figure it out.


  1. aw those pix are so adorable!!!!

  2. thank you... we had fun.. thanks for dropping by!

  3. Nice shots..pretty mama.. Wish you and your family have many more fun time together in the years to come...

    Was glad to meet you and Luke last Saturday. I love seeing all the beautiful pictures in your blog.

    Now I recall, is babylicious same as the babylicious who caters baby food? I saw one of the stall at The Curve some time, u are the woman behind this venture?


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