Monday, August 16, 2010

My Vice...

With a million and one things to pay and save for, I hardly spend my pay cheque on myself.
But once a while, i splurge on these... my only vice... uhm.. apart from my craft gadgets ;)

They contain pages after pages of inspiration and ideas ... you'll be on cloud 9!
eg crafts, stuff you can do with your kids (some practical and others not so unless you have an angel with a perpetual halo for a kid) ;) but i enjoy the colors and layout of the magazine, it sends me to a frenzy!

From Martha Stewart Weddings magazine, i "graduated" to Martha Stewart Kids & Babies.
Unfortunately i can't get them here on our shores (also because they've seized publication some time back) so i go into ebay and bid for them. Postage is crazy so i try to get some kind soul to bring it back for me. Thank you ladies ;)

Early this year, i came across Donna Hay's special issues of kids magazine.
Major bookstores here in KL doesn't carry them and the new issue was out last month in Australia!

Any kind soul coming back from Down Under soon??

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