Sunday, August 15, 2010

I've got the BUG!

The Dance Bug that is =p

I'm into my 5th week of classes and still having a swell of a time!
Rock & roll took 4 classes and we've just started the waltz and my oh my, when i saw the senior class in action the other evening, it got my heart skipping a beat... the graceful move & poise... so technical yet amazingly beautiful!

Our sweet male instructor is a petite chap. But he seems to be one mean dancer on the floor.
Because of my height, I feel like a towering giant when i stand next to him but the awkwardness soon disappeared as he confidently lead and taught us the moves.

I've watched the movie Shall We Dance some years ago and loved it... but thought i'd just view some clips on youtube just for fun. It got me chuckling as i identified with some of the parts which the character Richard Gere was playing. The clumsiness when you fumble through your first few routines, the fun we have when we practice routines with our classmates of the same gender (since we lack the male counterpart in our classes), the excitement when you finally manage to do the whole routine,  the passion that fuels you that makes you naturally practice your foot steps under your worktable while you're working on your computer, just do a twirl or two while walking in the park etc...

A dialogue from the scene:
"What makes you wanna dance?".... the reply was simply, "It makes me happy".

It's hard for me to explain that sort of feeling... i likened it to that sort of thrill i get when i had a good jamming session with the gang, it leaves you contented yet inspired.

If you happen to have just the tiniest inclination to take up dancing, i urge you to go ahead!
I promise you'll have one amazing "ride" too!

Oh! Tuesday is just 2 days away! Yeah!

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