Monday, July 12, 2010

LOVE is a many splendored thing

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Once a while, i love a good cry... I'm a sucker (excuse me for the pun, but i really am!) for romantic movies, from classics to teenage flicks eg Twilight to modern love stories, Notting Hill, My Best Friend's Wedding etc. Enjoyed the latest movie which i watched on dvd entitled My Name is Khan (must watch by the way!).. one wouldn't term it as a love story but i love how true love wins the day yet again!

For many of us who have tied the knot, we reminisce with fondness our first kiss, the day when the boy you fancied held your hands for the first time, the butterflies in your stomach that just wouldn't stop fluttering while you wait in anticipation for that long awaited phone call even though it's just been 5 mins since you last talked!

If we could just stop time and just hold onto those moments..
I recalled a book entitled Romantic Love i read years ago by best-selling author Dr James Dobson.
Romantic Love is a powerful emotion that can sweep you off your feet but what follows after the whirlwind of chocolates, dates & butterflies?

To me, nothing sums up true love better than Dr Dobson's letter which he wrote to his wife on their 8th wedding anniversary.
I hope you'll be blessed reading this as much as i've been.

To My Darlin Wife, Shirley

I'm sure you remember the many, many occasions during our eight years of marriage when the tide of love and affection soared high above the crest - times when our feeling for each other was almost limitless. This kind of intense emotion can't be brought about voluntarily, but it often accompanies a time of particular happiness. We felt it when i was offered my first professional position. We felt it when the world's most previous child came home from the maternity ward. We felt it when i was awarded a doctoral degree. But emotions are strange. We felt the same closeness when a medical problem threatened to postpone our marriage plans. We felt it when you were hospitalized last year. I felt it intensely when i knelt over your unconscious form after a grinding automobile accident.

I'm trying to say this: both happiness and threat bring that overwhelming appreciation and affection for a person's beloved sweetheart. But the fact is, most of life is made up of neither disaster nor unusual hilarity. Rather, it is composed of the routine, calm, everyday events in which we participate. And during these times, i enjoy the quiet, serene love that actually surpasses the effervescent display, in many ways. It is not as exuberant, perhaps, but it runs deep & solid. Today i feel the steady and quiet affection that comes from a devoted heart. I am committed to you and your happiness, now more than i've ever been. I want to remain your "sweetheart."

When event throw us together emotionally, we will enjoy the thrill and romantic excitement. But during life's routine, like today, my love stands undiminished. Happy Anniversary to my wonderful wife.


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