Wednesday, July 14, 2010

What would life be without 'em?

the shot of the 3 of us & our kids taken @ dad's bday 2009.
the kids didn't seem happy as they were happily singing their lungs out before we got them to pose for the pic above!

here below... a much happier pic of the both of them =)

My sis is 2 years younger and our growing up years were very much summed up by the many occasional "hair pulling" (and i mean literal) & "verbal fight" scenes. The polluted words that came out from our mouths eg "I wished you were never born"... "I hate you!" and we'll ask the most bizarre question like "Dad, why does she have to be born?!" were pretty much said to our parents' utter displease.
I seriously don't know how in the world we survived with our hair intact!

I love arts while she exceled in science. I'm the organized one, while she seemed to find delight in mess. She's the active outdoorsy type, and i'm the homebody, preferring burying myself with a nice book & a cuppa. I'm the dreamy one while she's the practical one, having her feet planted firmly on the ground. She was the thin one while i was the not-so-thin one.. and because she had a knack for buying nice clothes, i'll sometimes flick one or 2 from her and she'll go "Aargh!!! You've expanded my top!!"
Ahah! Now i recall that was one among the many reasons we fought!
While we're as different as night & day, i couldn't have asked for a better sis!

I find it amusing how, despite the many violent scenes that we have engaged in over the span of our growing up years, we have grown to share a deep friendship and affection for each other. And now with our kids in tow and staying at the other end of the highway (she says i live in a place that's known to be the other end of the world), we appreciate each other's company and friendship all the more.

Then came my "lil" brother who is 10 years younger! With the age gap, we weren't even thinking of prospective fight scenes. We actually adored him when he was a cute chubby baby and yes pamper him to some extent!

In the midst of preparing to move from my parent's place to my hubby's place, my bedroom was in total choas. So i moved into my brother's bedroom for a few weeks, and i remember with fondness the many late night conversations we had while looking out of the bedroom balcony. His only complaint, "Cheh... u still there??" as i was always the first to fall asleep while chatting =p
We talked about everything under the sun moon... from our fears to our hopes and aspirations and all else in between...

How our friendship sibligship (if there's such a word) developed through the years is beyond me.
I have our parents to thank for always reminding us that no matter what happens, we're always a family.
We didn't grow up in the most perfect family setting but in our imperfections, we found solace in each other.

We can just be ourselves, not afraid how the other would judge or see us...and when our family faces a potential threat/problem, we have each other as a source of support, pillar which we can lean on. There's always someone whom you know who would genuinely share in your joys & sorrows, failures & successes.

My hope is for Luke to be able to grow up with that same type of experiences (minus the fights, but i suppose that'll be inevitable some point or other)... and for that to happen, i better gambatei =p

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